If the teenager is the centre of a flower, the petals, or her living space to contemplate at the same time, are the parents, the brothers and sisters, the teachers, and the group of friends of reference. As far as I learned, it is in parallel experienced in real practical situations guided by a tutor.

My name is Bianca, and I love to share everything through my blogs. I found that no one in this world could survive without learning something in their lives. That is why I created this blog to share about useful things in life. So, I could help anyone in this world.

Photography for me is a way of telling a moment or a period of your life and making it indelible.

I try to capture the atmosphere of the places and the emotions of the people. I try to describe what is real. I look for beauty in naturalness, in fact, my style is characterised by stolen and honest shots, but I also want to give you unique portraits that will describe your love, your and your personality

And then I love the details, of everything around us, because the details make the difference and they can help tell a story