For Work in your home

Challenges When Working In The Home Office

For many bosses and employees, Home Office is a welcome permanent solution or at least a pleasant change to work in the office: the work route is no longer necessary, and especially for families the homework has significant advantages.

There are, however, a number of tripping events which can bring the desired work-life balance out of balance. With these tips, you can separate your career and private life when you work from home.

For Work in your home
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1. Set up your own room

It needs a separate study with a lockable door so that the work is not permanently present at the end of work and at the weekend. Working regularly at the kitchen table or on the couch is not a good idea and makes the border between job and leisure blur.

When setting up the workplace, ergonomic design is also important in order to prevent back problems in the home office.

2. Fixed working hours for work-life balance

Not only an isolated but also a temporal separation of work and leisure is important for the work-life balance. Of course, the home office should allow a certain flexibility – but this should not be overdone.

In the local environment, the temptation to go to work in the evening is great. Relaxation is often too short. A clearly structured daily routine, which also provides breaks, provides relief.

3. Separate private and business communications

Separate telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are essential in the home office. Otherwise, customers and colleagues also log in the evening and on free days or private calls interfere with the workflow.

The service handy is best switched off during leisure time, and the private telephone is silenced during the work. Thus, you won’t be mixed up in addressing the communication between the private and business life.

4. Reduce distractions in the home office

At home, the inhibition threshold is much lower, watching a video or researching for a private topic. However, such distractions quickly eat a lot of time. If you are working from home, you should not have to follow every idea spontaneously.

Instead, for example, a short note is useful so that the topic is not forgotten until the end of the evening. This is the sooner, and the less distractions ensure interruptions.

5. Important: regular meals and exercise

In the home office, the kitchen is quickly accessible. This can cause homeworkers to eat irregularly or often prepare themselves for a snack. Those who work at home should pay particular attention to regular meals and breaks so as not to disturb the biorhythm.

As there is no way to go to the cafeteria, there is a risk of lack of movement. It is, therefore, useful to schedule a walk at regular intervals or at the end of the evenings, which provides a balance.

It’s not hard to run your business from your home office if you know what to do and prepare everything to keep your work separated from your private life.

If you have done everything, it means that you are ready to enter the battle. Go break a leg!

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